The Institute

The independent testing and research institute INNOVATEXT  has been part of the Hohenstein Institute Group since 2004. The core competencies of the institution, which is the only one in its region to be accredited under EN ISO 17025, include, on the one hand, applied research as part of national and European research programmes and, on the other, a wide range of internationally recognised quality testing and certification procedures for textile raw materials and intermediate and end products. First founded as a state institution in 1949, the institute was successfully privatised during the political changes at the end of the 1980s. Today it serves about 500 regular customers, companies operating all along the textile supply chain in both Eastern and Western Europe. INNOVATEXT has been a member of the International OEKO-TEX® Association since 1994 offering you the newest OEKO-TEX® services and certifications.

Our success is based on the high quality of service, commitment to the environment and social responsibility with which we want to achieve our costumer’s satisfaction.

Our facilities meet ISO 17025 standard requirements and are fully accredited. Our services includes the physical and chemical testing of textile, from raw material, yarn, fabric and apparel to semi-finished and finished products.We conduct also test of accessories, floor covering, foam or mattress and other technical textiles, et. We are able to provide you with tailor-made tests and services in line with your individual requirements.

As a centrally notified institute we are engaged in testing Personal Protective Equipment (ID number 1523). Our laboratory is a leading Hungarian protective clothes testing laboratory. In this field of activity the Institute represents Hungary, in respect of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directive in the Horizontal Committee of Notified Bodies and works in Vertical Groups of EU-registered organizations.

Our professional experience and knowledge has been accumulated over many decades and it forms the basis of our other services, for example: personalized professional education, training, consultancy and research, development and innovation.

We give quality advice to our clients (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, etc.), for example: in the field of environment protection and recycling, and conducted on-site, certification, quality control tests.